Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to work

Hello there
Here in Portugal things are not going very well, alot of people went to unemployment, I was one of the thousands, Fortunatly, I got lucky and found myself a new job recently, I´ve been working for two months now, now I don´t have allot of time to blog.
I must start making time again
I´m working at a company that makes food for other people, at the momentI´m the cook, It´s not a easy job but somebodies has got to it.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Miles Apart

The worst part of living in a different country than the rest of ones family makes it kind hard to keep in touch. I was taken from my home land some 20 odd years ago, now I live in a country that is not my home land and far away from the rest of my family.

Every day we go on  like every day is normal and OK but, then out of the blue you get that dreaded phone call............
That call that you except because its it always nice to hear from the family back home not knowing that it might be good /bad news. 

Good news we normally find out days, weeks and some times months later, bad news however travels faster that the speed of light.

People, appreciate your family, your mom and dad, your brother or sister, your grandparents while they are hear with you, cause you/we don´t know what tomorrow brings. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Extra Income Doesn’t Have to Mean a Second Job

You don´t even have to work nights, you´re not likely have to give up your weekends cause that´s not fun, either.
Sell Stuff
You can sell the stuff you no longer need on eBay or have a yard sale.
If you have a hobby you love, find a way to monetize it.
Do Something Else You Enjoy
Maybe you don t have a hobby you love and you hate your day job, but chances are there´s something out there that excites you. Some reward sites are great and some get paid to opportunities are scams, so you have to be careful.
Medical Studies
There are quite a few opportunities to make money from drug studies.
Enter Contests
You can either enter contests of chance that rely on your name being drawn to win, or you can enter contests that are skill based, like art or cooking contests. Maybe you took some great photos and now you sell them online so that others can use them in their projects. Many people could use some extra income these days.
Royalties or Passive Income
Many things generate passive income in the form of royalty payments.
There are many things you can do that don´t require a second "real" job. Typically you invest in the business and then you receive a portion of the profits in return. These may require you to do some research or complete a project to receive the money, but many have no strings. Once you build a decent portfolio, it will make money without much work on your part, either in the form of gains or dividends. Maybe you´d be a great blogger or author of e-books. Scan trash piles for things in good condition that you can resell or buy items cheap at yard sales, fix them up, and sell them for a profit.This isn´t the sort of thing you want to do over the kitchen table, even if you´re great friends with the business owner.

Most people wrongly assume that these studies are only looking for people that have the medical conditions that the drugs are supposed to treat, but this isn´t the case. There are also "Get Paid To" (GPT) sites that pay you for things like clicking on links, shopping through their links, watching videos, or doing other tasks such as wrapping your car with advertisements.Rewards Sites and Surveys If you have some spare time, you can make some extra cash doing online surveys and focus groups. If you love it, it won´t seem like a job.

Maybe you designed some clip art or web graphics and you sell those. If you run out of your own stuff to sell, sell other people´s stuff. Become a Landlord If you can afford to buy a second house, duplex, or apartment building, you can make money as a landlord. While you do have to deal with maintenance issues and tenant complaints, being a landlord can bring in a substantial second income.

Even CD´s and savings accounts can generate extra income in the form of interest. Even freelancing in your current occupation can seem like a job, particularly if you don´t love what you do to start with. It doesn´t mean that you don´t have to work at all (they don´t just give money away, after all), but it is possible to make extra money without having to deliver pizza at night.You don´t have to spend your days traveling to several jobs if you need to make some extra money.It´s a hassle to seek out and apply for the jobs, and it´s even more of a pain to come home from your main job, wolf down dinner and then head out the door for another shift of work.

In fact, the studies that pay the most are for healthy individuals (Phase 1 studies) where the medical companies need people to take new medication being tested to document any side effects. Either way it can be a way to get some extra cash or other useful items. Those who have saved aggressively often achieve "financial independence" where they reach a point where they no longer have to work because the income coming from their investments is enough to sustain them.

Grants or Scholarships
If you need money for school, look into scholarships and grants. If you are passionate about something it won´t seem like a dreaded job. There are lots of things you can do from home part-time, you just have to find something that you want to do.

Books, songs, and artwork are the ones people usually think of, but passive income comes from anything that you do once, but which continues to generate money. Just make sure you protect yourself legally. Chances are you´re pursuing the activity anyway because you enjoy it, so why not make some money off of it? Think creatively about your hobbies, passions and investments and then find ways to make those earn money for you. If you proceed carefully, you can make some side money doing this.

Make it legal.
Invest Investing is a great way to generate passive income. Own Part of a Business Maybe you don´t want to own and run a business of your own, but if you can find a solid business that is looking for investors, this can be a way to make some extra money. Unfortunately, enthusiasm tends to wane when talk shifts to getting a second job.

Fortunately, there are ways to generate extra income without getting a second job.Think of something that you can do once and then sell so you can generate that passive income. If you know someone who is a great chef and opening her own restaurant, for example, you might want to back her efforts in exchange for some of her profits. Maybe you´d love to tutor or help kids with SAT prep. A blog with advertising can generate passive income years after you wrote the post. Even if you´re not in school, you may be able to find a grant to support you while you work on an invention, novel, artwork, or other endeavor.
Just make sure you can afford to lose the money you invest in case the business tanks, and make sure you get a good lawyer to draw up the contracts.  OR........

Just Click here

Monday, June 11, 2012

Real Invitation

Hello all you pet owners and dog lovers I´d like to invite you all to visit my website, then tell me what you think on my blog.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Doggy Lovers

Hi there

I´d like to invite everyone to visit my very first website, CLICK HERE. Tell what you think. As you can see it´s still brand new but it´s out there, for the whole world to see, with time I´ll be adding more pages to make it more richer in content.

It a website about dog training, got some adds on some really pictures and stuff, so feel free to leave a comment would really like to know what you think.

I have blog on pet training too, there you might find some really great tips on how to train or find a good trainer your dog, Click Here

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back stabbing

There are so many lying, back stabbing, make believe people out there, they make believe that they are your friend and then they would turn around and stab you in the back.
Have you ever confined a secret to a "friend" just to find out that he/she went and told the world, doesn´t  it  just want to make you wanna grab her/him by the neck and shake all hell out of them. 

Well that has happened to me, once too often that I´d care to admit, now I´ve learned my lesson and never talk about personal problems with no one other than my sisters.

There are people out there just waiting to find there next victim to crush, it´s like they get off on that, like it´s their own personal orgasm.

 Really very twisted people.

Friday, May 25, 2012

It´s Not FAIR

We don´t know what tomorrow brings, if we´re gonna see, hear, smell, feel or taste, we so often complain about what we don´t have that we can´t see what we do have. Be thankful, for waking up in the morning, for being able to walk, for having a loved one who cares for you, for the food you have, there are so many things we should be thankful for.

Today I learned that a family member, a young man, he´s only 28, with his whole life still ahead of him, soon to be a father, has lung cancer....

I was speechless, did not know what so say, a person who is so active and dynamic, who´s always ready to help another, who never smoked in his life, who....... is only 28. I ask myself how can that be now that he´s in the prime of his life, now that he is starting to enjoy life. now that he´s starting to build a family, it is being taken away.

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