Sunday, August 5, 2012

Miles Apart

The worst part of living in a different country than the rest of ones family makes it kind hard to keep in touch. I was taken from my home land some 20 odd years ago, now I live in a country that is not my home land and far away from the rest of my family.

Every day we go on  like every day is normal and OK but, then out of the blue you get that dreaded phone call............
That call that you except because its it always nice to hear from the family back home not knowing that it might be good /bad news. 

Good news we normally find out days, weeks and some times months later, bad news however travels faster that the speed of light.

People, appreciate your family, your mom and dad, your brother or sister, your grandparents while they are hear with you, cause you/we don´t know what tomorrow brings. 

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