Thursday, April 26, 2012

Words of Advice

It has been over 20 years since the last time I/we have seen any member of our family from South Africa. 
20 long years keeping up only by letters and by phone but, my sisters and I have had the opportunity to hug and talk to some of them in person.
Finally after all these years we got to meet our sister that was born after we came to Portugal, she´s a nice person and I´m so glad that we had this chance to meet her.
I´d like to say to everyone, to enjoy the people that are in you're life, your parents, brothers, sisters, aunts e uncles and cousins,  you never know when or how that´s gonna change. Don´t take up to much time in futile quarrels, say sorry and get it over with, be happy and you´ll make others happy.
Don´t miss out on family.

Thank You for your time

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hello everyone,

I´m writing to you today because, I´m very happy. For over 20 years I haven´t seen anyone of my family from South Africa or Namibia other than my sisters who came to Portugal with me some odd 20 years ago. So now after all this time some family members are coming over to visit and we are overflowing with happiness, this is really going to be a momentous event in our lives.
I hope that you´ll continue to visit my blog, I´ll be keeping you all informed on how it goes.

Thanks again for your time and I´ll e seeing you soon.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Learn to bake like a professional at home

Find out how you can light up you family party´s, thous festive dinners or your kids birthday party or even a self made Valentin's surprise for the person you love, It can be so easy you only need the right tools.

Tomorrow night you have dinner for friends and you have the menu all perped up, the antrés, the main course, the wine everything is going smoothly, you must just think of a dessert to present, and you kinda don´t have time to go to the pastry shop and order something, how are you going toda that?
Well just do it your self with the help of professional pastry chef Keikos, learn how to make a fabulous and beautiful dessert and cakes in just a few , step by step, you´ll see your guest´s will love the idea, who know´s it might even be a turn point and you can earn money with your new found gift for pastry.
The feedback proves that this concept really works.
People all over the world impress their friends and family with Keiko's masterful cakes and desserts.
The philosophy of is to provide delicious, first class recipes in a way that enables "normal" people, hobby bakers, and everyone interested in good food to make these cakes and desserts, as well. All recipes are presented with videos and step-by-step instructions in downloadable pdf files.


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