Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How about some Portuguese Folklore

Hello everyone, especially all the Portuguese family´s in the world.

Just want to say how much I enjoy watching Portuguese folklore, that is the traditional Portuguese dancing, it is always a pleasure to watch. And now with the coming of summer Portugal comes alive, with traditional festivals all over the country.

Last year my daughter and her dad traveled with their group to different parts of Portugal just to go dance for the people. They would get up early in the morning to get ready so they would not miss the bus, then they would be inside the bus, sometimes for hours on end,  when they reach their destination they´d change into their traditional outfits, which of course is a very beautiful sight to see.

Then after waiting sometimes for an hour or so they would go up the stage and dance their hearts out, giving their absolute best so that everything goes smoothly, for about  30 minutes or so. The spectators would applaud them with such charisma that they know they´ve done well.
After a short lunchin they´d go back to the bus, change their cloths and then head back home, sometimes they would arrive in the early mornings.

The fact of the matter is that they enjoy this, they love dancing, traveling, to out be there, because it is a tradition that is slowly dying. There are but a few folklore groups left, and every year even fewer survive and now with our economy being in the state it is in, more and more associations give up, there are less and less seport from the government and to stand on their own some times is just not enough.

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