Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back stabbing

There are so many lying, back stabbing, make believe people out there, they make believe that they are your friend and then they would turn around and stab you in the back.
Have you ever confined a secret to a "friend" just to find out that he/she went and told the world, doesn´t  it  just want to make you wanna grab her/him by the neck and shake all hell out of them. 

Well that has happened to me, once too often that I´d care to admit, now I´ve learned my lesson and never talk about personal problems with no one other than my sisters.

There are people out there just waiting to find there next victim to crush, it´s like they get off on that, like it´s their own personal orgasm.

 Really very twisted people.

Friday, May 25, 2012

It´s Not FAIR

We don´t know what tomorrow brings, if we´re gonna see, hear, smell, feel or taste, we so often complain about what we don´t have that we can´t see what we do have. Be thankful, for waking up in the morning, for being able to walk, for having a loved one who cares for you, for the food you have, there are so many things we should be thankful for.

Today I learned that a family member, a young man, he´s only 28, with his whole life still ahead of him, soon to be a father, has lung cancer....

I was speechless, did not know what so say, a person who is so active and dynamic, who´s always ready to help another, who never smoked in his life, who....... is only 28. I ask myself how can that be now that he´s in the prime of his life, now that he is starting to enjoy life. now that he´s starting to build a family, it is being taken away.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Success !!!

Hi there again

Today I have a little tread for you

Now who does not  want that, who does not want to be successful in everything that they do, who wants success so bad that that they for get to eat or sleep, I know I do!

I would like to share a little video with you, pay more attention to what the person says,

I hope you´ll rethink what your goals are and be successful in getting there. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Off my Chest

Hello again
I have been thinking about my blog, trying to find the perfect solutions for the problems I´m having, so I thought maybe..... If I´d make a few changes inside, move a few things around, maybe change  the topic, what would happen.

Well two things could happen, either I start getting much more traffic to my blog or it dies down, personally I´d prefer the first choice.
I have been wondering why I´ve had so little or no traffic, I mean I blog often enough, normally I have original content, I tried some back linking, forums and who knows what not, still, nothing.

There are so many people out there giving advise about everything that it gets confusing, SEO, Google AdSense, PPC and so many more, not to mention an even greater amount of people trying to sell that information, listen you can find all the info you need on the Internet, do not pay for info.

Like I said just gonna make some changes you may not even notice them.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Job Hunting in Portugal

Hello there, once again.

Hope that everyone is OK, it has been a few days since the last time I have said something, I know, I´m sorry. Like another 70% of the Portuguese population I´ve been out looking for a new job, unfortunately it is not easy, seeing that Portugal is going through a economic crises and jobs are hard to find.

I´m still trying my luck as an Internet marketer, but even that takes time, but I´m not gonna give up. I have tried so many different things and ways but still nothing witch is why I´m still looking for a regular job too. Hope that all you have better luck than I do.

See you soon

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Hello just to say that my blog might not be the most popular but, at least people still visit and I´m very grateful, however,I would like to ask every visitor to check out the adds that are displayed on each page, even if only one or two.
If you like you can leave a comment too, it´ll be most helpful to know what my readers think about my work, I´m still what you call a newbie but I´d like to think that I´m getting better.

Thank you once again for taking the time.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Mothers Day

Yes it´s that time of the year again, Mothers Day.

I am happy on one side and sad on the other, Happy because I have a beautiful daughter whom I know loves me and I´m so grateful to have her in my life, she was the best thing that happened to me, 12 awesome years ago.

I´m sad because when I see children and even grown ups who doesn´t care for their mothers, it just breaks my heart, do they not know how precious it is to have their mothers near, that she´s maybe the one person who would do almost anything for them and still she doesn´t get the respect that she deserves.

I am sad because my sisters and I, we didn´t have our mother near while growing up we only had each other, we had to learn stuff the hard way, on our own.
However I would like to think that we are stronger "because" we only had us, we are better parents, loving mothers and because we are making up for all the love and care we didn´t have while growing up, with our daughters.

So what I´m meaning to say is that, enjoy your mother, you do not want to know what it´s like to NOT having her around.

I wish all he mothers a very happy Mothers Day

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Familly Matters

Two thirds of my/our lives we have lived very distant from any other family members and we have missed out on so many moments, the bad ones and the good ones, those joyful moments of new births, sweet sixteens and finishing school, birthdays, all those moments that are normally shared in the family also the illnesses and deaths in the family, where we couldn´d attend the funerals because we are here living so very far from our birth land.

Unfortunately or fortunately we are obligated to say we are at home here where we live now, because now we have made new family´s of our own, soon we´re gonna have a new addition to our family and it´s gonna be the first BOY in the family, Yeahhhhh.

I love my family.
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