Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hair Loss, What you can do to stop it!!

Hair loss and treatments that could work for YOU!

Are you looking for that one effective hair growth product that will help you gain your hair back? Is that even possible? I  guess that you are losing more hair than you are comfortable with? Is it a matter of age or are you losing your hair at a natural pace or are you simply deprived of important minerals and vitamins that are important for your hair growth?

Is it possible that the product that you bought online could help you gain your hair back? These are the many questions that are asked by people all over the world.

A great deal of men and women have this problem and they would try almost anything to solve this problem.
Usually, your hair is your character, it says a lot about you, at least to a certain degree. It can be very frustrating to be losing your hair faster than you want to. If you have bad hair it could come from a number of things such as skipping meals, being over stressed or coloring or bleaching your hair too much. If you are losing more than 100 hairs a day you are probably in the risk zone.

In recent years it's finally become possible to create working hair growth products that are FDA approved and really helps with the root of the problem! Millions of people suffer from a receding hair line and it has become very popular to treat it.

Many people would like to help to prevent further hair loss through any treatment of some kind, They usually start with some kind of coloring to cover the loss of their hair and to make the hair look thicker. Then they move on to using a hair regrowth shampoo or other products designed to help, but that rarely works!
The trick is to really take care of your scalp and each individual hair follicle.
Obviously there are many products that works in order to help re-grow hair faster and even get your natural hair to grow back again!
There are some that will work with your scalp and some that will work with your "diet" such as vitamins and minerals that are good too, but mostly the ORAL solutions are better, since you have to work your body from the "inside out" and it's absolutely true in this case. It's much harder to use "outer solutions" such as conditioners and awkward coloring kits to hide your hair. You need that balance from inside your body and it will gradually help you recover your receding hair line.

There are great combinations of treatments, for instance, the oral solutions in the form of a vitamins, in combination with a shampoo that helps your hair grow faster. The most oral solutions that are available should help stimulate the hair follicles and promote a positive hormone balance for optimal hair growth. Supplements that target DHT, an anti testosterone hormone and blocks it from overproducing which will help recede the rate of hair loss, as well as promote better hair growth.

Unless you have a lot of time and energy to go visit the doctor only to pick up an expensive hair loss product, you should check online or go to a hair growth shop near you to find a product that may work well for you. If you do decide to keep looking online for successful products, you should always look for the studies and proof that show that the product your about to buy actually works well. It is important to know that, not all products, shampoos or pills works the same for men and women, so make sure that the product fits your needs as well as problem of why you are losing hair.

Find out how a normal guy just like you and me decided to take the bull by the horns and say no more baldness for me.
Or find out how the Japanese came up with a miracle for regrowing your hair, so you can have that full body of healthy hair.

In Amazon.com you can find a wide varaiaty of products for this kind of problem, the best way is to do your research before buying any.

Thank you for time and feel free to coment,
 See you soon

Friday, March 23, 2012

Do you suffer of those Spring Allergies?

Spring time is here YEAH that sweet smell of flowers everywhere, the birdies singing in the trees, seems like everything´s brighter, the days are longer and warmer, Oh how I love spring.
But then again it is not a very happy time for those who suffer of those spring time allergies, actually it is a dreadful time for them, I know my daughter has these allergies and in spring we always have problems with her allergies.
Sometimes I wonder why she got these allergies, I don´t have any and her dad has asthma, but no allergies, I think, so why does she? What are allergies?  And what causes these allergies?  

Here are some facts about allergies and what causes them.

"An allergy is a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system. Allergic reactions occur when a person's immune system reacts to normally harmless substances in the environment. A substance that causes a reaction is called an allergen. These reactions are acquired, predictable, and rapid. Allergy is one of four forms of hypersensitivity and is formally called type I (or immediate) hypersensitivity. Allergic reactions are distinctive because of excessive activation of certain white blood cells called mast cells and basophils by a type of antibody called Immunoglobulin E (IgE). This reaction results in an inflammatory response which can range from uncomfortable to dangerous.
Mild allergies like hay fever are very common in the human population and cause symptoms such as red eyes, itchiness, and runny nose, eczema, hives, hay fever, or an asthma attack. Allergies can play a major role in conditions such as asthma. In some people, severe allergies to environmental or dietary allergens or to medication may result in life-threatening reactions called anaphylaxis. Food allergies, and reactions to the venom of stinging insects such as wasps and bees are often associated with these severe reactions.

Many allergens such as dust or pollen are airborne particles. In these cases, symptoms arise in areas in contact with air, such as eyes, nose, and lungs. For instance, allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever, causes irritation of the nose, sneezing, itching, and redness of the eyes. She gets that alot.
Inhaled allergens can also lead to asthmatic symptoms, caused by narrowing of the airways (bronchoconstriction) and increased production of mucus in the lungs, shortness of breath (dyspnea), coughing and wheezing, In this case her dad, since he has asthma, spring time is a horrer.

Aside from these ambient allergens, allergic reactions can result from foods, insect stings, and reactions to medications like aspirin and antibiotics such as penicillin. Symptoms of food allergy include abdominal pain, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, itchy skin, and swelling of the skin during hives. Food allergies rarely cause respiratory (asthmatic) reactions, or rhinitis. Insect stings, antibiotics, and certain medicines produce a systemic allergic response that is also called anaphylaxis; multiple organ systems can be affected, including the digestive system, the respiratory system, and the circulatory system.

Depending on the rate of severity, it can cause cutaneous reactions, bronchoconstriction, edema, hypotension, coma, and even death. This type of reaction can be triggered suddenly, or the onset can be delayed. The severity of this type of allergic response often requires injections of epinephrine.

Risk factors for allergy can be placed in two general categories, namely host and environmental factors. Host factors include heredity, gender, race, and age, with heredity being by far the most significant. However, there have been recent increases in the incidence of allergic disorders that cannot be explained by genetic factors alone. Four major environmental candidates are alterations in exposure to infectious diseases during early childhood, environmental pollution, allergen levels, and dietary changes.

Allergic parents are more likely to have allergic children, and their allergies are likely to be more severe than those from non-allergic parents. Some allergies, however, are not consistent along genealogies; parents who are allergic to peanuts may have children who are allergic to ragweed. It seems that the likelihood of developing allergies is inherited and related to an irregularity in the immune system, but the specific allergen is not.

The risk of allergic sensitization and the development of allergies varies with age, with young children most at risk.Several studies have shown that IgE levels are highest in childhood and fall rapidly between the ages of 10 and 30 years. The peak prevalence of hay fever is highest in children and young adults and the incidence of asthma is highest in children under 10.
Overall, boys have a higher risk of developing allergy than girls, although for some diseases, namely asthma in young adults, females are more likely to be affected.Sex differences tend to decrease in adulthood."

Now I know that the fact that we live in the city has played a magor role in why she´s got these allergies, all I can say is Mommy´s sorry baby, I didn´t know.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How about some Portuguese Folklore

Hello everyone, especially all the Portuguese family´s in the world.

Just want to say how much I enjoy watching Portuguese folklore, that is the traditional Portuguese dancing, it is always a pleasure to watch. And now with the coming of summer Portugal comes alive, with traditional festivals all over the country.

Last year my daughter and her dad traveled with their group to different parts of Portugal just to go dance for the people. They would get up early in the morning to get ready so they would not miss the bus, then they would be inside the bus, sometimes for hours on end,  when they reach their destination they´d change into their traditional outfits, which of course is a very beautiful sight to see.

Then after waiting sometimes for an hour or so they would go up the stage and dance their hearts out, giving their absolute best so that everything goes smoothly, for about  30 minutes or so. The spectators would applaud them with such charisma that they know they´ve done well.
After a short lunchin they´d go back to the bus, change their cloths and then head back home, sometimes they would arrive in the early mornings.

The fact of the matter is that they enjoy this, they love dancing, traveling, to out be there, because it is a tradition that is slowly dying. There are but a few folklore groups left, and every year even fewer survive and now with our economy being in the state it is in, more and more associations give up, there are less and less seport from the government and to stand on their own some times is just not enough.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Are you Stressed?

Hello everyone
Lately stress has been a constant in my life, can´t sleep or eat right, there are so many things going on in life that most negative and some positive all of them creating stress.

I don´t know if I have told you before, so here it goes, I was born and raised in Africa and some twenty years ago I came to Portugal and ever since I never went back home, which makes it some 20 odd years I don´t see anybody of my family back home, né.
I´ve been stressed out because one of my aunts and a few of my cousins are coming over next month to visit me and my sisters, 20 years is a very long time, we often talked on the phone or on msn even on face book but never in real life.
It makes me nervous to think maybe they are not going to like me or what my life is like, my husband, my house etc, I worry, yes.
I never actually had a parent figure to tel me that I have done well or not, everything  I have, I worked for always on my own till I let my husband and ever since it has been the two of us, I know that my sisters they feel exactly the same, our step father bought us here and then left us here, not a nice story, who knows I might write a book one day.
But for now I must coup and work so that their visit is pleasant and without incident, after all I´m their guardian while they are here, I´m responsible for their well being, so as you can see the pressure is on.  

This was just a little confession talking about me, I just hope that this panicing feeling goes away soon. If by any chance you suffer of panic or anxiety attacks, try this brand new method on how one can control these situations, learn more from the liks below.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Follow Up

Hello you all,

Well as you can see, I´ve made a few changes on my blog page, had to be done, as it was wasn´t working for me. I have taken some steps to upgrade my blog because I have taken a few YouTube seminars by Joel Comm, Known as the AdSense doctor.
While I was searching for a reason why my AdSense account wasn´t budging, I came across Joel Comm´s seminars, and have been watching all of his videos, and believe you me it WORKS, look him up.
you can even find some ebooks he has written where you´ll find all the know hows.
here is one of his books that are for sail in the Internet at this moment.

He virtually takes you by the hand and leads you the way, he´ll tell you all the does and dont´s of AdSense, how to optimise your blog or website, where to put your ads etc.
I only now began to understand how the AdSense works and it actually doesn´t take a lot of effort just a good dose of not giving up, I repeat do not give up at the first road block, try, try again and again and again.

Look, if you give up you´ll get no where and your life will just stay the same, day in, day out. 
On my other blog  http://liscafo.blogspot.com/ my topic for the day was Change, how can changes affect our lives and what we can do to make changes in our lives and in the lives of those we care about, now I know for a fact that, if there is a way that I can have some extra income at the end of the month to help pay the bills I must find it, I can´t just put my hands in my pockets and do nothing about it.

I have mentioned before that I´m unemployed, and I´ve had an urge to build my own blog for some time now. So while was going through my emails looking for a job near where I live, I came across some emails that said "find out more about us visit our blog" and I did, sometimes even commented on them. After that the urge of having my own blog became even more irresistible, so I started to look for hosts where I could a blog for free and that´s how I found "Blogger".

It wasn´t easy at first so I tried and tried till I got it right, then I noticed something that said, "Find how monetize your blog". I didn´t really know what that was so I looked it up, monetize means earn money or in other words to have my blog earn me money just by having ads placed on my blog.  

Interesting yes?
If you already have a blog and want to upgrade your earnings why not have your very own website in a few easy steps with a one time investment and a lifetime profit. I´ll talk more about that on another time, but feel free to check out the following  link and who knows it might just be what you´re looking for.
 So people keep posted and thank you for your time
See you soon

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Out of the Box

Hello everyone

Today I am going to talk about something that isn´t actually related to my topic but I just can´t  help NOT to talk about it and I know that many if not all of you will agree.
Have you  ever wondered about earning money on the Internet? Well I have.

Since February this year I have been trying my luck and haven´t had any success so far now that doesn`t mean that it´s not gonna work for me, it might and obviously I wasn´t expecting to become an Internet Marketing guru over night but the fact is, it turns out to be much harder than I expected it to be.
I have watched maybe a hundred videos and tutorials on how to make it work, but they just seem to complicate things even more.

Seems  like everybody wants to help but ends up confusing you.  Most of them talk about how much money they have made just by working with google AdSense, many with click bank, some have both, but then again they have own their own  websites, paying website hosts to maintain traffic constant.
YouTube, well what can I say, farelly easy ti sign up to and create your own YouTube channel where you show your homemade videos and stuff, I still have try that too, but first I need to figure out how to attract traffic to my blog.

Yes unfortunately I´m still what they call a Newbie, I am fairly new to the Internet marketing world, it is becoming fairly frustrating at times but I will not give up, will not!
I hope that in the near future I´ll have my very own little website that´ll earn me money, but I´m tacking baby steps, cause I don´t want to fall down at my very first attempt.

Traffic, traffic, traffic is very important to ones blog/website but so is content, content, content  I can´t stress that enough, one must put out quality content to generate traffic which automatically lead to more income, provided that your visitors leave a comment and or click your adds.

Google has a programme that enables you to earn money by placing adds on your blog/website, so far so good I´ve done that, but because I don´t a lot of traffic, my account haven´t even budged, yesterday I earned 78cents, but when I went back in the afternoon it was back to zeros, now I´m not embarrassed to say that cause I´m still a newbie remember, I´m still learning the trade.

Then there´s click bank where you can sign up really easy and for free, they have products that you can advertise on your blog/website but obviously, it´ll have to be products that are related to tour blog. Lets say for instance that you blog is about fashion and beauty, your not going to put  an add about dog training or fishing or cooking, no you will be advertising something like for ex. a fashionable shoe or  a beauty product you find that fits to your blog and so on. 
Be careful to be honest about what you advertise because instead of profit you´ll have loses. 

Then there are like a zillion affiliate programmes you can join, but more on that in a future post, for now do like I do concentrate on creating a quality, content rich, great trafficking blog and then take it from, there.
Hope that you´ve enjoyed this little "out of the Box"

Thank you for your time, feel free to coment.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Unemployment/ Desemprego


Today I´m going to talk about something that can happen to all of us and when we least expect, a term that has made headlines here in Portugal and all over the world, yes that one little nasty word called UNEMPLOYMENT, dread full word that one né.

You might have seen on the news that Portugal is in a tight spot and that the unemployment rate has gone over the roof and the problem is that we can´t actually do anything about that, it´s frustrating.
It seems as if the employers has opened the flud gates and let go staff by the dozens, but then again I understand their side, because of the raising taxes things aren't so great on their side as well, they have to make due with a smaller staff group and still get the job done

Many of the less profitable smaller companies has closed down, because the can´t the pressure, but about those bigger companies that are supposedly to be keeping things afloat, where are they?
I´ll where they are, since most of the bigger businesses where/are foreign they have taken theirs businesses elsewhere, to other countries where they get cheap labour workers and this means more profit for them and we can´t do a damn thing about it. Bugger!

There are situations of people, family´s where both parents was working at the same factory or plant,  that got laied off or at worst scammed and never got payed, now look at those family´s, they loose their homes because they can´t the rent and some times end up on the street, where horrible things happen, where you would do almost anything for your next meal. 

When I came to Portugal 20 years ago, I was young and did not notice the state which the country was in, now 20 years later and having worked (on and off again) for 18 years, I´ve realised that this battle against unemployment has been going on for as long as I can remember and even long before me, only today it has become clearer to the world, that Portugal is heading for the pits.
The worst case is that even if you are thinking of immigrating don´t do it, all the rest Europe is going bad,

YES the economy in Europe is heading for that big collapse and we cannot do anything about that.
So my dear people do not, I repeat DO NOT think that you´l be better off in leaving your home country, stay where there is someone who would lend you a hand, don´t go off some other country looking for the better and encounter the worst and ending up living on the streets. Think twice or three or four times before taking a big step in what could be the wrong direction, I know because I have been there.

Take care


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weight Problems

Who does not have problems with their weight, I know I do, I am a descendant of a family where we have the tendency of becoming "big" or "large".
When I was younger I wasn´t comfortable with my body because, at an early age grown men would look at me and whistle and stuff, because of my chest.

All through my life and still today I struggle to keep my weight as low as possible, it is not that I eat a lot of junk food I don´t, actually I prepair healthy food at home all the time, for me my husband and my daughter and for myself, for example today I´m gonna make a nice Salete for each of us, accompanied with a grilled chicken breast, it´s really light and it´s easy to make, just play around with the ingredients and alternate from day to day..

I know that this not exactly the best advice out there, but everyone knows that eating healthy and doing exercise is good for, the question is are you taking it serious, are you comitted to live healthy a life, eat healthy, you can do it for husband, for your kids but most of all do it for you, so that YOU feel great, so that YOU be happy with your body. You´ll see when you start seeing yourself with happy eyes other people will see you with happy eyes.

There is no time like the present to start making a difference, start today  look for ways to do that, try out any of the following products and please let me know how that worked for you, cause I´d like to have some feedback. Talk to me tell me what you think about this message, about the products I´m am here for you.

I want to thank you for visiting  this blog,
Feel free to leave a comment.
Take care
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Dear Readers
Have you ever noticed that no mater what kind of weather we have our skin is always exspost, especially our faces and hands. That is why we should take exstra care of these areas.
Dry skin can lead to early adging signs (which by the way try so hard to hide) such as wrinkles, darkened paches on face and hands, so here are some tips on how to maintain your skin hitraded; always choose a moiturising bath soap or gel, then a moisturising body lotion, hitrate your lips with lip balms.
At night befor going to bed was face and use a facial for night use just to boost that exstra care.
Note; - avoid also tabaco, alcool and perfumed facial creams, not good for your face.
There are so many good product on the market, it is just a matter of finding the right one for you.
Take care

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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Some time or another all of us has dealed with stress in our lives, It is almost impossible to get ride of  stress because we are confronted each day with stress related situations, at work, at home, natural desasters, illnesses, to much work or no work at all or even in trafic.

Most of the times we tend to set goals for ourselve that are sometimes hard to achive, which makes us frustraited and eventually causing stress.
Stress alterats not only our mental well being, it can also affect our physical well being.

Sometimes a little stress can be good, it can provide a challenge and a stimulation, but when it becomes a daily or constant situation it can become hazardous to our heath.

There are quit a few stress factores that is not related to a daily basses, but can be just as bad, as for example a death of a family member, or profestional  conflicts, unemploymente, or a car accidents etc...

When we are constantly in stress related situations it can lead to a varaiety of other health problems, like, obstepation, deprestion, headeachs even sexual fatige amoung others.

How to deal with stress, try medetating or go to se the docter or just clic on link below, most importantly you have to know yourself, what are your limits, your expectations and your reactions. Estabelish realistic goals and find out what that means to you.

Learn to be moderrate with your acctions so you would not do anything bad, like hurting somebody

Keep your private life apart from your work life
Hope that this little text has been helpfull.


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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hello ya all

Still working on a topic for blog, you know a topic that can generate good conversation and that´ll be of interest to all my visitores, I´d like to find a topic worthy of comenting about, a topic that will bring you all back tomorrow so we can update, our chats, so please hold on  for one more day, (thats sounds like a song I know,  by the Willson Phylips sisters kkk)

So have agood one and see you all tomorrow

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Friday, March 2, 2012

New Directions

I am thinking of a contente whorthy topic to use, so please come back ok
see ya

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eng all the way

After sometime I realized that I can´t deny that english is the language that is "IN", so now I´ll e "IN" too, see you soon.
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