Friday, March 16, 2012

Follow Up

Hello you all,

Well as you can see, I´ve made a few changes on my blog page, had to be done, as it was wasn´t working for me. I have taken some steps to upgrade my blog because I have taken a few YouTube seminars by Joel Comm, Known as the AdSense doctor.
While I was searching for a reason why my AdSense account wasn´t budging, I came across Joel Comm´s seminars, and have been watching all of his videos, and believe you me it WORKS, look him up.
you can even find some ebooks he has written where you´ll find all the know hows.
here is one of his books that are for sail in the Internet at this moment.

He virtually takes you by the hand and leads you the way, he´ll tell you all the does and dont´s of AdSense, how to optimise your blog or website, where to put your ads etc.
I only now began to understand how the AdSense works and it actually doesn´t take a lot of effort just a good dose of not giving up, I repeat do not give up at the first road block, try, try again and again and again.

Look, if you give up you´ll get no where and your life will just stay the same, day in, day out. 
On my other blog my topic for the day was Change, how can changes affect our lives and what we can do to make changes in our lives and in the lives of those we care about, now I know for a fact that, if there is a way that I can have some extra income at the end of the month to help pay the bills I must find it, I can´t just put my hands in my pockets and do nothing about it.

I have mentioned before that I´m unemployed, and I´ve had an urge to build my own blog for some time now. So while was going through my emails looking for a job near where I live, I came across some emails that said "find out more about us visit our blog" and I did, sometimes even commented on them. After that the urge of having my own blog became even more irresistible, so I started to look for hosts where I could a blog for free and that´s how I found "Blogger".

It wasn´t easy at first so I tried and tried till I got it right, then I noticed something that said, "Find how monetize your blog". I didn´t really know what that was so I looked it up, monetize means earn money or in other words to have my blog earn me money just by having ads placed on my blog.  

Interesting yes?
If you already have a blog and want to upgrade your earnings why not have your very own website in a few easy steps with a one time investment and a lifetime profit. I´ll talk more about that on another time, but feel free to check out the following  link and who knows it might just be what you´re looking for.
 So people keep posted and thank you for your time
See you soon


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