Friday, March 9, 2012

Unemployment/ Desemprego


Today I´m going to talk about something that can happen to all of us and when we least expect, a term that has made headlines here in Portugal and all over the world, yes that one little nasty word called UNEMPLOYMENT, dread full word that one né.

You might have seen on the news that Portugal is in a tight spot and that the unemployment rate has gone over the roof and the problem is that we can´t actually do anything about that, it´s frustrating.
It seems as if the employers has opened the flud gates and let go staff by the dozens, but then again I understand their side, because of the raising taxes things aren't so great on their side as well, they have to make due with a smaller staff group and still get the job done

Many of the less profitable smaller companies has closed down, because the can´t the pressure, but about those bigger companies that are supposedly to be keeping things afloat, where are they?
I´ll where they are, since most of the bigger businesses where/are foreign they have taken theirs businesses elsewhere, to other countries where they get cheap labour workers and this means more profit for them and we can´t do a damn thing about it. Bugger!

There are situations of people, family´s where both parents was working at the same factory or plant,  that got laied off or at worst scammed and never got payed, now look at those family´s, they loose their homes because they can´t the rent and some times end up on the street, where horrible things happen, where you would do almost anything for your next meal. 

When I came to Portugal 20 years ago, I was young and did not notice the state which the country was in, now 20 years later and having worked (on and off again) for 18 years, I´ve realised that this battle against unemployment has been going on for as long as I can remember and even long before me, only today it has become clearer to the world, that Portugal is heading for the pits.
The worst case is that even if you are thinking of immigrating don´t do it, all the rest Europe is going bad,

YES the economy in Europe is heading for that big collapse and we cannot do anything about that.
So my dear people do not, I repeat DO NOT think that you´l be better off in leaving your home country, stay where there is someone who would lend you a hand, don´t go off some other country looking for the better and encounter the worst and ending up living on the streets. Think twice or three or four times before taking a big step in what could be the wrong direction, I know because I have been there.

Take care


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