Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Off my Chest

Hello again
I have been thinking about my blog, trying to find the perfect solutions for the problems I´m having, so I thought maybe..... If I´d make a few changes inside, move a few things around, maybe change  the topic, what would happen.

Well two things could happen, either I start getting much more traffic to my blog or it dies down, personally I´d prefer the first choice.
I have been wondering why I´ve had so little or no traffic, I mean I blog often enough, normally I have original content, I tried some back linking, forums and who knows what not, still, nothing.

There are so many people out there giving advise about everything that it gets confusing, SEO, Google AdSense, PPC and so many more, not to mention an even greater amount of people trying to sell that information, listen you can find all the info you need on the Internet, do not pay for info.

Like I said just gonna make some changes you may not even notice them.

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