Friday, May 4, 2012

Mothers Day

Yes it´s that time of the year again, Mothers Day.

I am happy on one side and sad on the other, Happy because I have a beautiful daughter whom I know loves me and I´m so grateful to have her in my life, she was the best thing that happened to me, 12 awesome years ago.

I´m sad because when I see children and even grown ups who doesn´t care for their mothers, it just breaks my heart, do they not know how precious it is to have their mothers near, that she´s maybe the one person who would do almost anything for them and still she doesn´t get the respect that she deserves.

I am sad because my sisters and I, we didn´t have our mother near while growing up we only had each other, we had to learn stuff the hard way, on our own.
However I would like to think that we are stronger "because" we only had us, we are better parents, loving mothers and because we are making up for all the love and care we didn´t have while growing up, with our daughters.

So what I´m meaning to say is that, enjoy your mother, you do not want to know what it´s like to NOT having her around.

I wish all he mothers a very happy Mothers Day

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