Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Out of the Box

Hello everyone

Today I am going to talk about something that isn´t actually related to my topic but I just can´t  help NOT to talk about it and I know that many if not all of you will agree.
Have you  ever wondered about earning money on the Internet? Well I have.

Since February this year I have been trying my luck and haven´t had any success so far now that doesn`t mean that it´s not gonna work for me, it might and obviously I wasn´t expecting to become an Internet Marketing guru over night but the fact is, it turns out to be much harder than I expected it to be.
I have watched maybe a hundred videos and tutorials on how to make it work, but they just seem to complicate things even more.

Seems  like everybody wants to help but ends up confusing you.  Most of them talk about how much money they have made just by working with google AdSense, many with click bank, some have both, but then again they have own their own  websites, paying website hosts to maintain traffic constant.
YouTube, well what can I say, farelly easy ti sign up to and create your own YouTube channel where you show your homemade videos and stuff, I still have try that too, but first I need to figure out how to attract traffic to my blog.

Yes unfortunately I´m still what they call a Newbie, I am fairly new to the Internet marketing world, it is becoming fairly frustrating at times but I will not give up, will not!
I hope that in the near future I´ll have my very own little website that´ll earn me money, but I´m tacking baby steps, cause I don´t want to fall down at my very first attempt.

Traffic, traffic, traffic is very important to ones blog/website but so is content, content, content  I can´t stress that enough, one must put out quality content to generate traffic which automatically lead to more income, provided that your visitors leave a comment and or click your adds.

Google has a programme that enables you to earn money by placing adds on your blog/website, so far so good I´ve done that, but because I don´t a lot of traffic, my account haven´t even budged, yesterday I earned 78cents, but when I went back in the afternoon it was back to zeros, now I´m not embarrassed to say that cause I´m still a newbie remember, I´m still learning the trade.

Then there´s click bank where you can sign up really easy and for free, they have products that you can advertise on your blog/website but obviously, it´ll have to be products that are related to tour blog. Lets say for instance that you blog is about fashion and beauty, your not going to put  an add about dog training or fishing or cooking, no you will be advertising something like for ex. a fashionable shoe or  a beauty product you find that fits to your blog and so on. 
Be careful to be honest about what you advertise because instead of profit you´ll have loses. 

Then there are like a zillion affiliate programmes you can join, but more on that in a future post, for now do like I do concentrate on creating a quality, content rich, great trafficking blog and then take it from, there.
Hope that you´ve enjoyed this little "out of the Box"

Thank you for your time, feel free to coment.

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