Sunday, March 4, 2012


Some time or another all of us has dealed with stress in our lives, It is almost impossible to get ride of  stress because we are confronted each day with stress related situations, at work, at home, natural desasters, illnesses, to much work or no work at all or even in trafic.

Most of the times we tend to set goals for ourselve that are sometimes hard to achive, which makes us frustraited and eventually causing stress.
Stress alterats not only our mental well being, it can also affect our physical well being.

Sometimes a little stress can be good, it can provide a challenge and a stimulation, but when it becomes a daily or constant situation it can become hazardous to our heath.

There are quit a few stress factores that is not related to a daily basses, but can be just as bad, as for example a death of a family member, or profestional  conflicts, unemploymente, or a car accidents etc...

When we are constantly in stress related situations it can lead to a varaiety of other health problems, like, obstepation, deprestion, headeachs even sexual fatige amoung others.

How to deal with stress, try medetating or go to se the docter or just clic on link below, most importantly you have to know yourself, what are your limits, your expectations and your reactions. Estabelish realistic goals and find out what that means to you.

Learn to be moderrate with your acctions so you would not do anything bad, like hurting somebody

Keep your private life apart from your work life
Hope that this little text has been helpfull.


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