Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weight Problems

Who does not have problems with their weight, I know I do, I am a descendant of a family where we have the tendency of becoming "big" or "large".
When I was younger I wasn´t comfortable with my body because, at an early age grown men would look at me and whistle and stuff, because of my chest.

All through my life and still today I struggle to keep my weight as low as possible, it is not that I eat a lot of junk food I don´t, actually I prepair healthy food at home all the time, for me my husband and my daughter and for myself, for example today I´m gonna make a nice Salete for each of us, accompanied with a grilled chicken breast, it´s really light and it´s easy to make, just play around with the ingredients and alternate from day to day..

I know that this not exactly the best advice out there, but everyone knows that eating healthy and doing exercise is good for, the question is are you taking it serious, are you comitted to live healthy a life, eat healthy, you can do it for husband, for your kids but most of all do it for you, so that YOU feel great, so that YOU be happy with your body. You´ll see when you start seeing yourself with happy eyes other people will see you with happy eyes.

There is no time like the present to start making a difference, start today  look for ways to do that, try out any of the following products and please let me know how that worked for you, cause I´d like to have some feedback. Talk to me tell me what you think about this message, about the products I´m am here for you.

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